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Matplotlib - Subplot2grid() Function

Rashi Gandhi

a year ago

This function gives more flexibility in creating an axes object at a specific location of the grid. It also allows the axes object to be spanned across multiple rows or columns.

Plt.subplot2grid(shape, location, rowspan, colspan)
In the following example, a 3X3 grid of the figure object is filled with axes objects of varying sizes in row and column spans, each showing a different plot.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
a1 = plt.subplot2grid((3,3),(0,0),colspan = 2)
a2 = plt.subplot2grid((3,3),(0,2), rowspan = 3)
a3 = plt.subplot2grid((3,3),(1,0),rowspan = 2, colspan = 2)
import numpy as np
x = np.arange(1,10)
a2.plot(x, x*x)
a1.plot(x, np.exp(x))
a3.plot(x, np.log(x))
Upon execution of the above line code, the following output is generated −

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